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puberty sex education  New Course   Where Babies Come From
This 2 ˝ hour course addresses reproduction in a clear
and concise manner.   » Click here for more information.

 New Course   Self-Esteem/Peer Pressure/Social Media
This 2 ˝ hour course addresses the issues of self-esteem, peer pressure and social media.   » Click here for more information.

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NEW APP: Birds & Bees Connection: Girls Part 1
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NEW APP: Birds & Bees Connection: Girls Part 1
» Click here: Go to iTunes to buy and download app.

Have you had "the talk" with your daughter? Not sure of the right time? Wondering how to get "the conversation" about puberty started? Want to make sure the information is accurate and current?

“Birds & Bees Connection: Girls Part 1” invites mothers to share the journey of puberty and adolescence with their daughters. The iPad and iPhone are a great and modern common ground. Sit, laugh and learn together about this approaching stage in your daughters life. The interactive animation keeps tweens engaged and makes the subject matter fun. The end result: useful information and a closer connection between mother and daughter.   » read more...